3D TelePresence achieves true depth without the usage of 3D glasses. A person from another part of the world can appear life-size within the room for live two-way communication while making eye contact.

This technology conceived and developed by Duffie White in the 1990's has inspired the emergence of a new communications field called 'telepresence". However, this is not flat screen video conference system with an exposed camera on top of the monitor, such as Cisco TelePresence. 3D TelePresence is a patented technology that is manufactured exclusively by TelePresence Tech.


Consulting firms have chosen to use 3D TelePresence to provide their customers with a personal service that is not possible through phone, email or standard video conferencing.

While it may seem better to meet in person this is not always practical for successful companies with international operations.

Clients appreciate the ability to sit down at the table with the highly regarded specialist, even if they are not in the same country.

The 3D TelePresence systems can even bring in world renowned specialists for conferences and seminars from multiple countries simultaneously.

The cost of 3D TelePresence systems from TelePresence Tech can be far less than travel on a monthly basis.


3D TelePresence makes a great first impression with a natural and friendly personal welcome. The 3D TelePresence reception solution transmits your receptionist to be at the lobby where she or he is needed. The receptionist will appear life-size in the three dimensional setting with eye contact for a personal reception of the visitor.

With the 3D TelePresence solution a large number of entrances can be managed by a few receptionists at a central location. If the guest speaks a different language or there is a security issue the appropriate person can be instantly transmitted to that reception location.


3D TelePresence is being used in progressive financial institutions, including at America First.

The sense of presence with eye contact delivers a personal connection with a transmitted banking professional.

Buffalo Pacific is developing buildings for banking customers to meet with financial services professionals using 3D TelePresence.

These buildings are Community Portals for delivering services by professionals from around the country as they appear three dimensionally in the room for meeting with local citizens while interacting in real time with eye contact.


3D TelePresence is the ultimate solution for patients needing to meet with healthcare professionals.

The three dimensional life-size communication is the most appropriate format for evaluating patients carefully and clearly.

The eye contact by the medical professionals shows a natural human connection that evokes caring and trust.

3D TelePresence has been established as the standard for exceptional healthcare services to be offered at the Buffalo Pacific Portals. Their Omni-Carriage systems will provide medical consultation services from professionals around the country to meet with patients in the exam rooms.


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